Why I stand behind doTerra – 100%

Learn on this page why I add doTERRA products to my business and what great charitable work the company does. Why doTerra? Many will wonder why doTERRA oils are so on everyone’s lips as they have been recently. I was also skeptical at first as there are so many oil companies to chose from. The typical German in me was also skeptical. Much that doTERRA promises struck me as “too

doTerra Kids Collection

No matter how effective and user-friendly essential oils are, when it comes to your children, safety comes first. The six pre-diluted blends of the doTerra Kids Collection are the perfect way to familiarize your children with the many benefits of essential oils. You will find six in coconut diluted oil blends. They are gentle enough for children of all ages. Each of these kid´s-friendly blends are made for children specifically


Sometimes you need a moment of silence to hear the essentials again. Sometimes this only requires a short moment, with eyes closed, to see clearly again. Listen to your heart for a moment to feel life. This will be like a retreat for your body and mind to feel strong again. Take some time only for yourself. Do it today. Don’t wait.