two linen yoga eye pillows on table with lavender buds

100% Pure

We believe the world needs more conscious, meaningful, ethically produced products. Emmi’s Wave provides 100% natural products. From initial design to final quality touches, we make sure you will love your purchase. 

BATCH NO 2 is out now – Our Relaxation Eye Pillow

$ 45.00 – Pick up in Coogee, NSW

add $9.50 for Australian wide and NZ shipping

add $25.00 for international shipping

Fabric: 100% raw linen, pre-washed and un-dyed

Filling: 150 gr organic Flax sees and Lavender buds

Relaxation, Yoga, Meditation, and Migraine Aid.

Incredibly beautiful mask, hand made with love from raw unbleached European linen and filled with dried organic lavender buds and organic flax seeds for a beautiful and calming scent. Place this pillow on your face, relax your skin, eyes, and mind.

We combine the masks with harmony, aesthetics, and balance – eye masks have a therapeutic, holistic, calming effect. Our Holistic Linen is also 100 percent Fair Trade.

There’s only a single layer of raw linen fabric between you and the flax seeds, for you to enjoy the healing power of plants and natural fibers directly on your skin. No metal zippers, no interfacing or inner lining, no toxic mordants.

This organic eye pillow is a lovely gift idea and a wonderful treat for yourself. Helps to relax and sleep well!

This organic eye pillow is a lovely gift idea and a wonderful treat for yourself. It helps to relax and sleep well!

Small batch – Handmade

Product Info:

Flax seeds give the pillow a nice weight on your eyes.  If you prefer a cold pillow put it in the freezer for 20-30 min.  If you like it warm you may heat it in the microwave for 15 sec or in your oven for 15 min.  Lay down, place the pillow over your eyes area, breathe slowly and relax.  Lavender scent has a calming effect which may aid in relaxation and the reduction of stress. The aroma of lavender flowers will last long. 

You can also use this pillow as a heat pack placed on your neck, stomach or back. 

You can either hand or machine wash your eye pillow.  Always use lukewarm or cold water and a mild soap without bleach or brighteners. If using a washing machine, place it in a wash bag and chose similar colors.  Simply tip out the seeds into a bowl before washing, and return them when your pillow is dry.