Do you shoot in film or digital format?

I shoot in digital format.

How much do you charge for weddings?

Please be in contact with me and I can start talking to you about your wedding day and send through my pricing.

How many photos do you take at a wedding?

It really depends on the entire event.  I think in average I can say about 100 images an hour. But if there is lots going on, or many details to capture it can be more. Other times I have had less even. Once back in the studio the culling process begins.  I edit down to only about 30 to 50% of what I shot, only the very best images are going to the finishing process.  Let´s say that a 6 hour wedding delivers about 350 images.

Who owns the copyright and are we allowed to share the images with family and friends?

All photographs are copyright of me, Theresia Pauls.  You have the right to use the photos for private use and yes, you can give them to your family and friends.  However, if you like to submit the photos to third parties just consult with me first.

Can we post the photos online?

Of course!