doTerra Kids Collection

No matter how effective and user-friendly essential oils are, when it comes to your children, safety comes first. The six pre-diluted blends of the doTerra Kids Collection are the perfect way to familiarize your children with the many benefits of essential oils. You will find six in coconut diluted oil blends. They are gentle enough for children of all ages. Each of these kid´s-friendly blends are made for children specifically


Lucy and Arnfinn chose to have their wedding in beautiful Norway. They invited their guests from Sydney to Norway to witness them exchange their vows in a small, quaint ceremony. If rain on your wedding day is really good luck, then Lucy and Arnfinn are one lucky couple! Before you worry though, the rain didn’t ruin anything on their perfect day. On this day, the beautiful couple with the love


Rocky and beachy, southern Norway A January maternity shoot with a couple that loves adventures A maternity shoot is a great way of remembering the stages of your pregnancy. Desiree is a vagabond at heart and moved to Norway a few years ago to wed her love, Yrjan. Together they are about to entering parenthood this spring. They wanted to show who they are and where they like to be