I just thought that I want to share more images of my work than the one picture here and there via Instagram and Facebook. Although most of us seem to hang out on Instagram most of these days and the stories underneath the images become longer and more meaningful, I know people still have different habits and preferences on where they would like to check content.

So, 2016 had been a rocky year, personal and in business, yet was wonderful though. I soon will write about why I left Norway early this year, but for now I am showing off some images from a gorgeous couple that wed in Stavanger, October last year. I second shot for Desiree Photography. We always hear that we should collaborate with other photographers, to get new inspirations, and I was grateful enough to have met the lively Desiree from Minnesota, who I even became friends with. Second shooting gives me the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weddings without being too stressed and it is nice to see how other photographers work. Win win!

Church: Stavanger Cathedral (Domkirke)

Location: Ølberg Strandhuset, Stavanger


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