Learn on this page why I add doTERRA products to my business and what great charitable work the company does.

Why doTerra?

Many will wonder why doTERRA oils are so on everyone’s lips as they have been recently. I was also skeptical at first as there are so many oil companies to chose from. The typical German in me was also skeptical. Much that doTERRA promises struck me as “too good” for it to be true. Companies that act so ethically and thus do more than just greenwashing are rare, especially in terms of popularity and size.

doTERRA really is ethical and amazing

For quite some time now I have been a very critical and conscious consumer, so it was and is important to me to be able to stand 100% behind my business. Using oils has become a part of my lifestyle. It belongs to my view of holistic health and has integrated itself pretty much by itself. A plant that was tentatively sown at first and is now growing into a tree that enriches my life and that of my family extremely. DoTERRA is a company of integrity, with a great philosophy and vision to enrich and change the world.

Social projects and work that goes beyond

doTerra oils are not harvested by large farmers and monocultures and then shipped on, but rather co-impact sourcing is used, which means nothing other than the extraction of the oils for both business partners (ie farmers & doTERRA) to a “win -win “. This means that the small farmers who have been growing and processing certain fruits or plants for generations now earn exactly the wages that have to be paid for their work. There are no middlemen who source for doTERRA, but doTERRA itself works with us at this point. Farmers are supported where they have been able to gather valuable knowledge for centuries and experience a self-determined working culture that is seldom the case in poorer countries. This in turn means: The plants that are needed for the oils are cultivated and cared for exactly where they originally grew and where their “home” is. Make sure to check out www.sourcetoyou.com. In addition, doTERRA is involved in various other projects for their farmers and their communities like building drinking water systems, schools, hospitals and much more have already been built.

The charity organization “Healing Hands” founded by doTERRA also works against the sex trafficking of children and for education in third world countries. They enable micro-loans for the farmers, education for their children and protection for children who have experienced abuse and slavery. Incidentally, the oils are distilled where the plants are grown which means, that there is a very short period of time between harvest and distillation, which contributes to the potency of the oils.

doTERRA guarantees us pure purity and high potency of the oils with its CPTG seal

doTERRA oils are beyond organic standards. They are sourced all over the world and each batch of oil is tested 7 different ways for purity and potency by independent laboratories. In addition, doTERRA works with many different specialists and scientists. There is a medical advisory board that ranges from dentistry to orthopedic surgical medicine, and you can clearly see this expertise in doTERRA.

Sharing doTERRA oils is a gift for me

And for the above reasons, I feel it is a gift to be able to use doTERRA oils. The purity and potency of these precious oils are unique and as soon as I opened the first small bottle of oil, I noticed how high quality they are. The smell, free of synthetics and toxins, is completely different from what I was used to from essential oils that can be bought in drug stores, pharmacies or health food stores. So when we consume doTERRA oils not only our proactive health is promoted, but part of the profit always goes into social projects. The profits of certain products even go entirely to the “Healing Hands Foundation”.

Because what could be more positive than that people finally understand that they are in control of their own well-being and health than to get the next headache pill or the next combination drug for colds from the pharmacy, and thus even more for the body in the long term cause harm.

I wish that we all simply walk the path to a toxin-free future. For us and for our environment.


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