Good to Meet You

It is up to us to live the life we dream of and I, I get inspired by warm days, warm ocean water, and interesting people.

Mindfulness towards us and our environment are of big importance to me, and I have been educating women on how to create a less wasteful and less toxin burden life.  I have recently started my doTerra business, which is just an organic progression from my lifestyle. I could combine my passion for low waste with low tox and even skincare, and a healthy mindset.  I really hope we can treat us and our world more gently, so we can leave a better place for the ones after us.

As a photographer my aim is to always show, and capture, the connection people have with each other or themselves. Lively, joyful and real. I like to be more than just a service provider and believe this is the foundation for great photos.

Life is an awfully big adventure. Can I take part of your adventure? … I look forward to your message.