No matter how effective and user-friendly essential oils are, when it comes to your children, safety comes first. The six pre-diluted blends of the doTerra Kids Collection are the perfect way to familiarize your children with the many benefits of essential oils.

You will find six in coconut diluted oil blends. They are gentle enough for children of all ages. Each of these kid´s-friendly blends are made for children specifically and have been carefully designed around fragrance preferences, emotional needs, and to support the most common health issues. The coloured labels and roll-on holder make the application very easy and playful for your young stars.
With your support your children can learn how to safely apply essential oils on the hands, stomach, around the heart and feet. Children who grow up using essential oils can easily learn to relate to their feelings and overcome their daily challenges. This will give them lifelong support for success and happiness.

The oil set includes:

  • doTERRA Thinker™ – Focus Blend
  • doTERRA Rescuer™ – Soothing Blend
  • doTERRA Brave™ – Courage Blend
  • doTERRA Calmer™ – Restful Blend
  • doTERRA Stronger™ – Protective Blend
  • doTERRA Steady™ – Grounding Blend

In Europe there is an additional oil in the collection:

  • doTERRA Tamer™ – Digestive Blend

If you would like to start with this set at doTERRA, the annual fee is completely waived, and you can shop as a member for the whole year with a 25% discount without being tied to anything monthly. You just order when you want.

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