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Welcome to the world of oils

Better sleep. Glowing skin. Improved digestion. Detoxification. A stronger immune system. Hormone, and mood support.  All of this and more is yours for the taking when you live an essential oil lifestyle.  I have helped to introduce these incredible gifts of the earth to a lot of homes and I´d be honoured to surprise and delight YOU with them, too.

As the immune system of the plant, Essential Oils support maximum health for that individual plant, protecting, restoring and creating an optimal living environment.  They do this by providing for a balanced, adaptive system.

Now, if they can do that for a plant, perhaps they can assist us too.  After all, we are animals in essence and plants are the food of our species as well as our medicines.  Mother Earth provides everything we need for optimal living – we have just become so separate that we have lost our ability to connect with this reality.

You can alter your physical and emotional state in minutes, using the world's purest plant extracts, which are 50 to 70 times more potent than the plant from which they are derived.  When we inhale a drop of essential oil, it hits the olfactory bulb in your nose and travels to your limbic system, then into your bloodstream. 

The limbic system is the emotional centre of your brain, associated with heart rate, blood pressure, hormones, memories. The only way you can reach your limbic system is through smell, which is why inhaling essential oils is so powerful.  You can use essential oils to support your physical and emotional health (there is an oil for everything!), make your own cleaning and skincare products, and reduce your environmental footprint.

You can use essential oils to support your physical and emotional health (there is an oil for everything!), make your own cleaning and skincare products, and reduce your environmental footprint. 

I want you to have access to everything you need to get the most out your oils, from day one!  I want you to have all of the resources I wish I had when I began my oils journey.  I want to help you support your family’s health.  Would you like to use the oils for yourself too?  Then come to my team and set up your own account.

Free education and Ebooks

Here’s an example of some of the Ebooks you will have access to:











THE BEST PART YET, you will also be part of a wonderful community that inspires and provides a lot of FREE Ebooks with information and DIYs.

Education (and well researched, meaningful education at that) is a core value of mine and therefore a core value of Emmi's Wave.

As a member of my oil community, you’ll learn how to use the oils, oil wins, my favourite diffuser blends, how to make up roller bottles and so much more.  I share video tutorials, recipes, tips and tricks on one platform or another.

Access to our private Facebook and Instagram groups and the ability to ask as many questions as you like!  Here you not only get support from me but from the other amazing women there who are on their own oils journey!

When you start with oils

When you start with a kit you can save 25 - 55% in comparison to single orders. Once you have your oils at home you will start to experience more intensively what you can do with them, and how they can benefit your wellbeing. The ten oils in the Home Essential Kit come with a diffuser and can pretty much replace your medicine cabinet, that will take your life to a new level. They are directly delivered to your home and you can then order as you wish.

Get your oils & save 25%

If you are keen as a bean and you want to jump on this magic oily carpet ride and get amongst the goodness...

Step 1: Click here to reach
Step 2: Click "Join & Save"
Step 3: Select your language and country. 

Step 4: Chose wholesale customer

Step 5: Fill out your personal details

Step 6: At enroller ID, make sure my number 9613174 is displayed then click verify to see my name (this is really important) 
Step 7: Choose your starter kit (and waive your $35 joining fee) - most people add a bottle of fractionated coconut oil (for topical dilution) 
Step 8: Click continue, enter your credit card details and submit your order. 

Welcome to Emmi´s Wave Community

It's all a journey and a new way of life, and I will teach you how to take away the overwhelm.

Personally, these oils have given me:

Better night’s sleep.

Clearer skin.

A cleaner household.

Improved focus.

Better digestion.

A sense of comfort knowing I can turn to essential oils first.

They help me to relax when I need to, and they’re quite literally in my life all day long, whether I’m diffusing at my desk, or applying them to my face after a shower, or the Adative blend on my heart after harbouring frustration. Whether I’ve rubbed a grounding blend on the bottoms of my feet, or diffuse them at night, they’re always in my days.